Friday, July 10, 2020

Naturist Businesses

There are many Naturist businesses that exist. There are tour companies, Naturist resorts, restaurants and you can even earn money online via blogs and social media. I am of the view however that in order for Naturism to grow, the amount of Commercial Naturist ventures has to increase exponentially.
                Textiles have to see Naturism as a viable and sustainable activity and Naturism has to move beyond being just recreational. Even though Naturism is growing and a lot of younger persons are joining it’s ranks, it is still seen by the wider society as taboo and on the fringes. The misconceptions about this wholesome activity are many and misinformation and disinformation (deliberately distorting the facts) is rife.
Puritanicals, Evangelicals and any other staid society groups will have many negative things to say about Naturism although many of them have never tried it. There is a great deal of fear and uncertainty in how Textiles view Naturists and most of it stems from a lack of information and the relatively small number of credible and thriving Naturist organizations compared to other textile endeavors. The more successful Naturist Businesses and Organizations there are, the more the practice will be embraced and it will move from the shadows into the light of full acceptance.
So how do we achieve this goal? It could be simply a matter of retrofitting an existing business to incorporate nudity in some way or actually starting a Naturist business from scratch. One this that you can be sure of is that even in the midst of the misinformation, there is still a lot of curiosity about social nudity. Most people generally want to know why some persons want to spent time without clothes around other people. This curiosity is the spark that can be capitalized on to create lucrative Naturist businesses and creating naturist themed events and activities. At all times during operations it is important to have accurate information about the Principles and Philosophies of Naturism so onlookers, the media and potential business partners can know about the foundation of the practice.
The list of possible Naturist enterprises is long and varied. There’s Naked Yoga, Naked Ballroom Dancing, Naked Nature Trails, Naked Hiking, Bowling, Swimming, Archery, Polo, Skills Training eg. Jewellery Making and  . . . you get the picture.  The fact is, and all naturists know this, anything that can be done with clothes can be done without clothes with only a few minor adjustments. This means that it’s only up to the creativity of the Naturist to invent and execute ideas that the public can participate in without clothes.
Naturist business ideas can include Restaurants, Amusement parks, a local supermarket can have one day per week as a nude shopping day, a tour company can offer naked sightseeing tours to locals and visitors, a Pizza restaurant can have three hours on weekends for naked dining. Whatever the idea you settle on let it be fun, unique and memorable.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Interview with a Nudist - Cooper

On this blog we will be starting a series of interviews with Nudists and clothes free practitioners. We want to find out how they got started in the practice and what drives then to continue. Today we interview Cooper who is a male Nudist in the U.S.A.

D.H.:  Hello Cooper. I’m glad you could be with us today.
Cooper: I’m happy to be here:

D.H. Ok Let’s get right into it. Do you call yourself a Nudist, Naturist, either is fine or neither works for you?
Cooper: Either is fine.

D.H.  Did you have a religious prohibition against nudity before you became a nudist eg. were you told that it is a sin to show yourself without clothes?
Cooper: No, I did not have any religious affiliation.

D.H.  Before you became a nudist, were you ever told that the only person to see you naked was your spouse or your doctor etc.?
Cooper: No.

D.H.  How long have you been practicing nudism?
Cooper: 22 years.

D.H.  What did you think about nudism before you tried it?
Cooper: I didn’t think about it at all.

D.H.  What do you like about nudism?
Cooper: Feels natural and puts you closer to nature in my opinion. It also allows you to see people
without labels.

D.H.  List 5 ways that nudism has benefitted you.
Cooper: 1.Helped me remove judging from my character
2. Has allowed me to accept people and their physique as they are. Not as attractive
Or unattractive, but just human.
3. Allowed me to meet some of the most natural and humble people.
4. Game me the opportunity to explore nature in a natural state.
5. Made me see the world in a more natural state and appreciate it.

D.H.  Do you consider yourself a home nudist, closet nudist, recreational nudist or full -time nudist?
Cooper: Recreational nudist.

D.H.  Do you go around naked at home?
Cooper: Yes.

D.H.  Relate to us your first experience going socially nude…sights, sounds, who you were with,
feelings/emotions etc.
Cooper:  I went to Haulover Beach in Miami, FL alone. I felt anxiety at first but it quickly disappeared when I entered the nude area of the beach. It was a great experience but I started to feel anxious again when members of the the gay community started to pay more attention to me than I expected. I just moved to an area I didn’t get much attention and the anxiety went away. The attention of the gay community continues to be an area that gives me anxiety from time to time.

D.H.  Relate how nudism has helped you overcome these common barriers to the practice of Nudism.
a. Body Image - When invited to try naturism, many persons respond that they are too self-
conscious about their own body or that they need to lose weight etc. first.
Cooper: This has never been an issue with me since I’ve always had a fit physique.

b. Sexual Objectification – People’s bodies are constantly being sexualized in advertising, the
media, movies, television and magazines. When a person is naked, (or nearly naked), it’s often a
“sexy” image being used to capture the attention of the opposite sex. Naked People are
portrayed as an object that represents society’s idea of what a sexy person should look like in
order to serve the pleasure of the opposite sex
Cooper: I never viewed the nude body as being sexual unless it is put in a sexual situation.

b. Modesty and Slut Shaming - Images of sexy naked models are everywhere. But if a person
gets naked on their own terms in society, a lot of times they will be shamed, harassed and
Cooper: This never was my mindset. People will be biased according to their beliefs and the
influence media has on them.

c. Rape Culture and Victim Blaming -Rape culture is a culture in which sexual violence, rape,
abuse and harassment are prevalent and, to varying degrees, considered normal and / or
acceptable behaviour. Victim blaming is when victims of rape / sexual violence / harassment
are blamed for what happened to them.
Cooper: Although I believe people should be aware of their environment and the consequences of
their actions in that environment, I don’t believe people should be victimized if they are
attacked in any situation.

d. Fear of Sexual Harassment
Cooper: This is something that I deal with every so often from the gay community and the sexually
promiscuous heterosexual community, i.e. swingers and the like. Those incidents give me
pause being nude in certain situations. I evaluate each situation separately and do not
evaluate the occurrences in a blanket type evaluation.

D.H.  Are you a member of a Nudist/ Naturist organization?

D.H.  Have you ever visited a Nudist/Naturist facility?

D.H.  Have you ever gone to another country specifically to experience the Naturist/Nudist facilities
and offerings there?
Cooper: I have visited another country’s nude facilities but that was not the prevailing factor for the
reason of the visit.

D.H.  What advice would you give to a person who is new to Nudism?
Cooper: Have your values intact prior to your first public experience. Unfortunately there are people who follow nudists with the mentality to extort a sexual experience from them. They are not nudists, they are sexual predators and will pretend to befriend you for a possible sexual experience. Be clear when you tell them your nudist values and what you will not tolerate.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The "D" Factor and People of Color

The skin is the largest organ of the body. Indeed it is the largest sensory recepticle in the body and has countless nerve endings. The skin gives our brain a wealth of information from the natural environment for processing. In fact, there’s so much going on in the skin, we still don’t know all that happens with how it’s able to process touch, temperature etc.
The hair on the skin is basically an antennae that picks up subtle electromagnetic vibrations in the atmosphere making you more sensitive and aware. Not just the hair on the head, but also the hair on your body (here’s the word about shaving the body, legs, pubes etc. which will be left for another debate) The hair and nerve endings start to function when there isn’t anything covering them ie. When you’re naked. The difference is as clear as night and day. One minute you’re in clothes and you feel . . .  bleh. The next minute you take your clothes off and your whole body comes alive and you feel it. It feels great. You feel like a million bucks! Such is the power of the skin when it is allowed to be exposed to the natural environment. However, when these nerve endings and hair are smothered by clothes, they cease to function and go dormant. Clearly the body was meant to function optimally without clothes.

When you are exposed to the sun, your skin will manufacture Vitamin D. we each have cells that, through a chain of reactions starting with conversion of cholesterol in the skin, produce Vitamin D when they are exposed to Ultraviolet rays from the sun.  Vitamin D is needed for bone structure and remodeling. Without sufficient levels of Vitamin D, bones can become thin, brittle or misshapen. Vitamin D sufficiency prevents Ricketts in children and Osteomalacia in Adults. Vitamin D also modulates cell growth, Neuromuscular and Immune functions and works to reduce inflammation. Vitamin D also regulates cell proliferation and differentiation. Clearly there are a lot of things that Vitamin D is used for in the body.

Our body has designed a simple, efficient and easy way to get the required amounts of the life - giving and health – enhancing “D” factor, Vitamin D in our body. . .get naked in the Sun. Black people are children of the Sun and have a deep connection with mother Earth. In the Bodies of People of Color, there are Trillions of nerve endings fired up and interacting with Melanin. We have hair connecting to the environment granting us deep awareness and sensitivity and again there’s Vitamin D synthesis combining with melanin to produce superior bodies and higher states of consciousness.
It is easy to see that everyone can have these reactions in their bodies when their clothes are off, however, when darker skinned persons are naturally able to bring melanin into their bodies, the results are deeper and more profound. A Melanin rich body is a body that is well primed for physical and spiritual evolution.
Dale Harrison

Earthing for People of Color

“Earthing? What’s that?” I hear the questions already. Earthing is a practice with a thousand year history of harnessing and utilizing the power of the Earth for our benefit by absorbing this power through our unshod feet. “What? You mean going Barefoot? What’s so strange about that?” Obviously people have been going barefoot for millennia, but in the past few centuries there has been a systematic and orchestrated attempt to “de-educate” persons as to the benefits of Barefooting or Earthing as it is also called.
If a New Zealander or a South African resident should choose to walk into a shopping mall today without shoes, they wouldn’t be seen as odd as the practice in these areas is fairly common among adults and teenagers alike. However in most other places eg. In America or in Jamaica where I currently live, going barefoot anywhere is frowned upon and the Barefooter is seen as classless and devoid of proper upbringing.

In Jamaica, the only persons who might be seen from time to time in clean clothes and smartly attired but barefoot are the fabled Rastafarians. The Jamaican Rastafarian who practice the way of life called Rastafarianism, have long been one of the main African cultural bastions in Jamaican society and their retention of Afro-original ways of being have long been heralded. There is one particular Rastaman who has risen to prominence in Jamaican society and internationally through his artistic contributions. He is also a media personality and he is infamous for his non-wearing of shoes. He has done much to remind Jamaicans and indeed the world about the African nature of the practice of going barefoot.
But what are the benefits of going barefoot? When persons visit the Native American communities, the Indians say to them, “Take off your shoes. They are making you sick” Native Americans know the truth. Africans know the truth. Aborigines know the truth. All Indigenous cultures know the truth. Amidst the dis-information regarding barefooting/Earthing/Grounding, there has been a recent surge of information regarding its benefits. Josh and Rebecca Tickell produced a remarkable documentary in 2019 called The Earthing Movie and among the persons they interview was Clint Ober, who has done much work to bring current awareness to the practice of going barefoot/ Earthing.

Earthing is the modern day version of Barefooting/ Grounding. The Earth has a greater negative charge than our bodies and has free electrons on its surface. These electrons have Anti-Inflamatory and antioxidant properties. When we absorb these free electrons into our bodies, there are many health benefits that can result eg. lowering of blood pressure, improved immunity, muscle pain and respiratory conditions, lower stress and many more.  It’s like Mama Earth giving us her magic. 

These electrons are absorbed by walking barefoot on the natural Earth (grass, dirt etc) and for a fuller experience, one can lie down naked on the grass. “What? Lie down naked on the grass?”  Yes, it stands to reason that when there are nothing blocking the free exchange of electrons between our bodies and the Earth, more of it will be absorbed.
So why should People of Color lay down on the grass naked? For Persons of Color, this is their natural heritage…Africans have been doing this for thousands of years. The melanin in their bodies is activated by the sun and interacts with the free energy from the Earth to produce greater amounts of highly resonant energy flowing through the body. This will produce healing on multiple levels Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. Everyone will benefit from Earthing but melanated persons of color have an inborn mechanism that’s well suited to the practice.

Dale Harrison
June 12, 2020

Black Nudism in the 21st Century

The perversion that has come with black persons showing their skin is a European standard stemming from European religious ideals inculcated into western culture over the past few centuries. However, in historical African cultures, devoid of European influence, Black people wore little or no clothing. The idea of associating  nudity with uncivilized savages in the jungle is also a European construct. It’s an interesting point because the modern naturist movement was started in Europe. How the tables have turned.

Other than wanting to be cooler in the warmer climates of the African continent, going clothes free offered the African the opportunity to breathe with the skin. It is well known in modern day naturist communities that when you are naked, the millions (actually trillions) of nerve endings on the skin that are dormant under clothes, come alive and start functioning.
This makes one able to feel their surrounding environment and become one with it. For the ancient African, this physical connection with nature was like a sixth sense. Enabling them to be as one with the surrounding flora and fauna. Having a clear telepathic connection with the animals and the surrounding landscape was a common experience for the African who practiced nudity. It enabled them to “hear” with the whole body and not just the ears and the head.

The presence of high amounts of Melanin in the bodies of dark skinned persons is one of the highest gifts and blessings that they can have. Melanin is the wonder drug that has been systematically bypassed and overlooked by modern science. Melanin chemically reacts with the sun to produce highly resonant states in the body of it’s bearer. The more of it you have, the more resplendent, lustrous and magnificent you are…naturally. Melanin comes alive with the sun.
In outdoor areas, the more of the skin (which has the most amounts of melanin in the body) that is allowed to come in contact with the sun, thus allowing the sun to charge this super enzyme, the more one is open to receiving it benefits which are heightened awareness, improved bodily functions, mental acuity, and spiritual fortitude.
It stands to reason therefore that being naked in nature is the super drug for persons of African Descent. Obviously, all persons can and will benefit from naked time spent in nature, but persons endowed with ample amounts of melanin have the intrinsic internal mechanisms to reap the full benefits of the experience.
Why should 21st Century modern, educated, skilled and upwardly mobile Persons of Color walk naked in nature? Because we have centuries of lost time to catch up on! The melanin in our bodies has been dormant waiting on it’s bearers to gain the required consciousness to activate it. All activities that are done will be enhanced when the melanin in the body comes into play. All events heightened, all enterprises enriched.
For example, are you studying for the bar? Activated melanin will increase your chances of success. And if you’ve been operating in the legal field for a few years and there’s a feeling welling up inside you that you need to change your occupation in order to move closer to your life purpose, activated melanin will bring you closer to your correct life decision.
So yes, modern People of Color ought to and need to foster the relationship of their bodies and the ecology for the betterment of their minds, bodies, hearts and souls.

Dale Harrison
June 9, 2020

Naturist Businesses

There are many Naturist businesses that exist. There are tour companies, Naturist resorts, restaurants and you can even earn money...